Wednesday, July 25, 2007


What a strange week it has been! We woke up Saturday morning to see this in our office:
You can't tell, but our A/C (which is on the roof) had overflowed and leaked through the ceiling. So we had to rip it all out and move all the furniture out of there, and now it looks like this:
And after all that, I checked my email to find a message from my parents saying they were on their way!! So we've been having a good time this week visiting and hanging out. Here's Aurora showing everyone how she can stand up:
Here she is telling me to stop reading Harry Potter already!!
And I'm glad they are visiting, because it gave me an excuse to make my favorite dessert - Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Cake!
We can worry about the ceiling next week!


Anonymous said...

Don't stop reading Harry Potter! I need someone to discuss it with.

Call me. :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about it almost raining inside the house! What a mess. Hope you all have a good visit and keep the great photos coming! I've been the proud aunt showing off my niece to all my friends. Talk to you soon.

Aunt Lora

aunt amber said...

mmmmmm...the cake was sooo good! i had a lot of fun at your house playing with the baby!! don't forget to send me those recipes (at your convenience of course)! love you all!

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