Friday, October 27, 2006

Random Thoughts

So, its Friday night and I'm supposed to be working on the baby's room but that's tedious and boring so I'll do it tomorrow (maybe). Or maybe I'll do it Sunday because tomorrow I get to go buy a new dishwasher! And order the furniture for her room! And have lunch and a movie with the girls! So I'll be pretty busy. (Could I possibly be more domestic & boring? Just wait until I'm telling you all about diapers and feeding schedules) Oh and we're also going to a party at an agent's house tomorrow night, so I need to find time to make these: Halloween Petits Fours - because they're just so cute! And they look like they might actually taste good, too. We'll see. Hmm.. what else? Boxes are coming in every day for the baby shower, but Mike won't let me open them yet, so it's just a pile of mysteries by the front door. I can't think of much else right now, and I'm pretty much boring myself, and I have an episode of Heroes on the tivo beckoning me, so I think I'll sign off...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Home alone

So, Mike's in Tucson for two days for some anti-terrorism training. Lucky guy - he called me a minute ago saying that he just had the most delicious sushi lunch. Jerk! He knows I'm not allowed to eat sushi anyway so I guess its best he went without me. But that's okay - since he's not here I can eat ice cream and popcorn for dinner :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Went to San Diego

So we were in San Diego for the airshow at Miramar... the weather was absolutely beautiful and it even rained a bit when we first got there! It was pretty great to be able to huddle under an umbrella in 65 degree weather with light cool rain coming down - since we get 1/2 an inch per YEAR in Yuma we appreciate rain when we can find it. The airshow was fun and Mike got a lot of video. Of course my favorite part was eating at new and interesting restaurants... Friday night we ate at Khyber Pass - its an Afghani restaurant and it was really good! Very similar to Indian and Persian food but with a few differences. We had the Aushak for appetizer and I had Chicken Daal for entree. Very tasty! I also tried Afghan Cherry Blossom tea, which was very sweet and spicy and refreshing. Then on Saturday we didn't get out for dinner until late so the Lebanese place we wanted to eat at was closed. We wound up going to Terra Restaurant in Hillcrest, and I had the incredibly delicious 'Duck Confit and Sliced Breast'... and we shared the coolest dessert ever - it was a chocolate pyramid with strawberry basil coulis, creme fraiche and raspberry chocolate pot de creme - I'm drooling just thinking about it! I love going to new restaurants and trying new things.. We really took it for granted when we lived in the big cities but now that we are in Yuma and our options are limited, we really try to branch out when we leave town. And without cable I can't get my fancy food fix from Food Network anymore! Let's see, what else.... oh yeah we took some back roads to get home, and we stopped in this tiny little town at this cool abandoned building to take some artsy pictures. I posted them on my pics page if you're interested - now I need to finish my math homework!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Long time no see!

So the baby ticker says we only have 96 days to go - pretty amazing, huh? We had a checkup yesterday and the doctor says my 'fundal height' (fancy words for 'top of uterus') is measuring 28cm (which means that my belly sticks out that far). The fundal height measurement usually corresponds pretty closely with how far along you are (ie: 28cm = 28 weeks) However, we're only 26 weeks along, so she's measuring 2 weeks big! Of course, those numbers really mean nothing - the doc could have been stretching the measuring tape, or I could have had a big breakfast that morning, or I could have had a little extra belly padding to begin with (me??). But, its fun to speculate about a little overachiever! We listened to her heartbeat again - galloping along loud and strong. And of course she's still kicking and punching her way through the world - she's now discovered the most fun thing to do is to jam her foot up in between my ribs and just wedge it there for a few minutes. Now THAT's not the most fun way to wake up in the morning, let me assure you - it definitely takes your breath away (and hurts like heck)! I have to go in tomorrow for the superfun glucose tolerance test - drink some horrid crappy 'juice' drink, wait an hour, get a blood sugar test. I'm sure it will go fine. Next appointment is November 1st, and then we start going every two weeks! I guess I really need to pick up the pace on buying all the baby junk - I am just not motivated to go look at cribs and changing tables at all! Maybe I'll do it this weekend. I did update her registries though - and - just search for my full name and you'll see all the wonderful junk we need :) Okay, I think I've rambled on enough!

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