Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Picture day!!

Man, I am really slacking off in the blogging department! I guess its because there really isn't much to say around here... we're still hanging out with our playgroup buddies and doing fun things, and since Mike's been home we've been spending time with him.... And while I am glad we're doing all that, it doesn't make for very interesting blog fodder! So, I decided to just clean out the camera and see what I could find for your viewing enjoyment tonight. Luckily, Mike's on vacation next week so hopefully we'll do something worth blogging about :)

Here she is insuring that daddy doesn't leave without her again-

She is so glad he's home - she got his dirty shirt out of the
laundry and wore it around the house for an hour

Here she is at Little Steps last week - it took her a while to
approach the tunnel, but once she was in she loved it!

Coming to get you!


And here she is at the park this morning with her playgroup friends -
She reminds me of a little Valley Girl here for some reason..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Okay it's been a while since my last post - sorry about that, we've been busy with all of our fun activities and getting ready for Mike to get home. But, upon a request from my sister, here are a few pictures. Oh and we solved the climbing out of the crib problem for now - after much trial and error, including an ill-advised experiment with the 'toddler bed' feature, we discovered that just turning the crib around so that the short side was against the wall prevents her from being able to climb out. So we're safe until she figures out another workaround!

Hanging out after swimming

She's fascinated with babies!

Daddy's home!!! Happy Mother's Day to me :)

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