Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today is my birthday - Hard to believe I'm already 24! Okay, okay.... 27. ;) For my birthday, my friend Dolores came over and watched the kid crawl all over the house, while Mike took me out to dinner at Hunter's. It was great! We had a nice, leisurely, grownup dinner (complete with drinks and dessert!) and didn't have to worry about a squirmy little monkey in the booth with us. He also surprised me by coming home early from work with these:

And Aurora decided her birthday present to me would be to show me how she can pull up on the couch and get the remote! She doesn't seem to realize that she really doesn't have to be running by 7 months...


Anonymous said...

OK, OK! I'm a horrible friend! I'm sorry I didn't remember! You didn't even say a word about it yesterday....Happy birthday to you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Monya!! Glad you had a nice dinner to celebrate. Isn't it amazing how those kiddos just do things so quickly. Sounds like Aurora is trying to keep up with her cousin Daria, who walked at 71/2 months. She was this little bitty thing that was running around by 8 months. ANd of course the climbing started not long after that,hope Aurora doesn't take up that scary habit. Daria's favorite was to stand on the arms of the child rocking chair hoding onto the back of the seat and rock it. She never flipped it over but I started gray hair! Love you all, Aunt Doreen

Anonymous said...

happy b-day sweetie - you know I am old and can't remember shit. Well Amber shares a b-day with Patrick, Jessica shares a b-day with Jesus and Aurora shares one with Kevin. If you didn't have to be stubborn and have your own day I could remember it! Love you - Aunt Monya

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