Thursday, May 24, 2007

Four Month Stats

Well, we had our four month appointment today - She's off the charts! She just keeps growing and growing - now she's almost 18 lbs! The doc mentioned that sometimes bigger babies are a little slower with their motor skills, and asked me if she's rolling over from tummy to back yet - ha! She's been rolling both ways for a couple of weeks now, and he said they typically don't do that until 6 months! She also reaches and grabs toys, dogs' ears, faces and mommy's hair, she scootches along the floor (but only backwards), and she's thisclose to sitting unsupported. So she's blasting through all the milestones faster than we can keep up with her! Of course, all this bragging must mean our child is absolutely perfect, right? Well, not exactly - she's stopped sleeping through the night and started tossing and turning and eating all night long, so the doc said we could start giving her up to 2 oz. of rice cereal mixed with breastmilk at bedtime to hopefully fill her tummy and satisfy her for the night. But that's really the only problem we're having with her - she's so happy and playful and silly all day long! Even when she got her shots today, she didn't even blink an eye until the very last shot - and then she only cried for about 10 seconds and was just fine all the way home. Right now she's in her swing singing to the butterflies while I eat some lunch and put these pictures online (there are more at Picasa) -

Here she is playing with her mouth-
she makes the funniest faces now that she's discovered her lips!And here she is, devastated after scootching away from all her toys:
And because it wouldn't be a complete post until I enter another contest, here's one where she's giving away cool little baby products every day in May, and might continue into June!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Four months already!

10 days old
4 months old
Okay, so technically she was four months old yesterday, but I'm slow! Here are some pics I took of her yesterday:I promise the appliances are all unplugged! She was just helping me do dishes :)

And here I am entering yet another blog contest (they're fun!) This one is sponsored by Mason & Matisse - and I am coveting their nontoxic wooden toys!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New pics

Too cool for school, or adorable little mosquito? You decide!

Mes petites fleurs

Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

hot moms,
cool moms,
funny moms,
serious moms,
moms at work,
moms at home,
moms with partners,
single moms,
moms who teach by example,
moms who learn by doing,
moms who are,
moms to be,
all the moms I know,
and all their moms too -
Happy Mother's Day!

My first Mother's Day came early - I've already opened all my presents!

Doreen sent this lovely set of pampering stuff - it smells so good,
and the lotion really makes my hands soft!

Rick sent a beautiful bouquet of tulips and irises, but they aren't all blooming yet so I'm waiting to take a picture of them.

And here is my present "from Mike" (translation: I told him what he was getting me, then I ordered it myself!)
Hooray Hooray Hooray!!!

Here is the first creation from my fabulous new Kitchenaid - it was supposed to be just a chocolate silk pie, but I didn't think that was nearly fattening enough so I whipped up some Kahlua cream to go on top :)
Of course, all of that stuff is really great but I already have the
best Mother's Day gifts anyone could ask for:

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bathing Beauty

She's so cute we're gonna have to start building a tower so we can lock her in it!

Apparently I'm addicted to blog contests - here's another one!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bad blogmom

Okay, I know I've been remiss in posting for the past few days! Right now Aurora's sitting on the desk in her Bumbo, grabbing at my pencils and giggling while she creates a little diaper art. I only have a few minutes before she starts clamoring for a fresh canvas, so I figured I would stick up a few of today's pictures for Cathy and Aunt Monya - my daily 'encouragement'!
She's getting better and better at tummy time.. she can hold herself completely up with her arms, and she can pivot in a circle on her belly when she wants to. She also likes to hold her arms and legs off the ground like she's flying on her belly - it's pretty cute!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Since I had good luck with winning a t-shirt from POH, I figured I would try to win a custom made mei-tai here!


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