Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a bit of a Valentine's Day miracle around these parts - Mike wasn't due to come home from Georgia until around 11pm last night, but due to some quick thinking and fast running on his part, he got home at 3:30!! And then when he got here and was hungry, we decided to brave the Valentine's day crowd at Outback Steakhouse and actually managed to grab a great booth in the bar with a very awesome waitress! We had a delicious meal, Aurora was adorable and got so many compliments - one elderly gentleman even gave her a $5 bill! (I'm a little concerned about what kind of precedent that sets, but hey... we'll take it) And then we came home and had great family time together and everyone got to go to bed early. I managed to get a couple of pictures after dinner:

Yes, I know it's dark outside - she's just too cool to take her shades off!
I just love this dress - courtesy of Aunt Doreen!

And here Aurora was playing with Mommy's camera -
she's finally figured out how to smile on command!

And here she is riding an enormous horse at the Renaissance Festival - she really loved it & made the lady walk her around twice!

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