Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween, etc.

Here are some more pictures from recent days for your viewing pleasure:

All dressed up and ready to go stand in a cold, windy parking lot for 2 hours waiting for the H1N1 shot..

More pictures! Here's one that Mike took the other day after he had taken both kids to the doctor's office (by himself!) to get Aurora's seasonal flu shot. I am so proud of him ;)

Alan had his first official taste of solid food! (Ranch dressing on dad's finger doesn't count) Applesauce was a hit - he couldn't quite get the hang of swallowing but he sure loved smooshing it around in his mouth!
Cute tummy time pictures - please note the ever present drool on his chin! He's discovered how to make raspberries so we've had to make peace with the copious slobbering.

Halloween was fun - we went to an outdoor concert on Friday night and consequently didn't get quite enough sleep, so we skipped the festivities on Saturday and just stayed home and handed out candy. It was fun, quiet, and I didn't have to fight anyone into a costume, so I consider it a win!

Here's the pumpkin Aurora and I carved - she loved eating the guts as they came out (she's weird)

Bringing home a baby bumblebee - I let him wear this costume for about 5 minutes before I took it off of him. He was sweltering and REEKED of chemicals so I quickly gave him a bath. No telling what's in that Chinese polyester! (guess I have to start making his costumes too!)
Here's my little girl all dressed up in her homemade Tinkerbell costume - of course she was unhappy and impossible all day long but she still managed to get her picture in the newspaper!
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