Friday, July 06, 2007

Grandma Ringler and Aunt Lora

Grandma Ringler and Aunt Lora came to visit this week, and Aurora has been having such a great time! Every day she gets new toys and cute new outfits from Aunt Lora, and she is enjoying it so much that she doesn't want to miss any of the fun by napping! But that's okay - she can nap next week :) I'm just worried that after they leave, I won't be nearly exciting enough for her! She's come to expect a certain level of adoration at all times, and I just can't live up to it by myself. I predict that she's going to have a hard time coming back down to reality after they're gone!


Grandma R said...

Hi Monya and Aurora,

Well this was a wonderful surprise and it looked like all we ever did was take pictures all week. I show the pictures to the ladyies today and yesterday and everyone agreed that litttle Miss Aurora is one sweet lovely little baby girl. Sure do miss her and her parents also.
Grandma R.

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