Sunday, December 03, 2006

Childbirth Class

So yesterday was the Childbirth class - much to Mike's chagrin! Poor guy - he had to sit in a classroom with 11 other couples from 9am - 6pm, going through all the birth videos, breathing exercises and relaxation stuff. Needless to say, he would rather have been ANYWHERE else! But, we got through it and we had a good time, especially during the relaxation exercise... the lights were off, we were all supposed to be taking deep calming breaths and relaxing on the floor, and all I could do was crack up laughing at how miserable he was! It's very embarrassing to be the couple who can't follow directions - especially when all you have to do is lay there quietly! But that's okay - I hope we laugh together as much during the actual labor. And he really did learn a lot about the stages of labor and the different techniques for handling each phase. Plus we got demonstrations of all the different medical tools that might come into play, and we had a tour of where our little girl will be introduced to the world. And we got a lot of free samples and coupons, so that's a plus. So now I think we really are ready for her to get here - all we have left to do is pack the bag for the hospital!
Well, we're not totally ready - she still needs to turn and get in the right position, but I learned some exercises I can do to get her motivated in that direction. So once she does that, THEN we'll be ready. 38 days to go!


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