Wednesday, December 27, 2006

38 week checkup (Full Term)

The doctor is calling her "Flipper". A few weeks ago, she was transverse (sideways, with her backside down), so I did my rear-end-in-the-air exercises and she got into the correct head down position. But now, she's back upright, with one foot sticking down into my pelvis - called a "footling breech" presentation. Her head is underneath my right ribs, and her back is under my left ribs. I'm back to doing my exercises to try and get her to turn the right way again, but if she isn't head down by my next doctor's appointment we're going to have a baby a week earlier than we thought. Luckily, she is still strong and healthy with a good steady heartbeat and good weight, so I'm trying not to get too stressed out about things. Everyone please just think good "upside down" thoughts in our direction!


Anonymous said...

Like mommy, like daughter. She's just trying to stretch straight out. You did the same thing only you were head down and feet under my breast bone. You even had to sleep completely stretched out as a baby, never a cute little butt up in the air pose from you! Let me know as soon as possible how it's going. And, if you need me, you know you just need to call! I'll move heaven and earth to get to you if you need me. Hope you're feeling better REAL soon. Love ya, Mom

Dolores said...

Monya, don't worry too much. I was born in this same exact breech position. My grandmother even said that I turned blue prior to them getting me to cry. I have always been a stubborn person. Can't push me into anything. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Talk soon, Dolores

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