Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Baby Gymnastics

As of yesterday, we are now on a once-a-week schedule of doctor visits. She could be here any day now!! Luckily, at yesterday's visit the doctor informed me that she is now head down for delivery. Mike and I have been doing exercises to get her to turn (mostly me, there's not much Mike can do about it!), and while it looks ridiculous, it appears that it worked! Basically it consists of me with my rear end in the air for 20-30 minutes every night, and we used headphones with disco music (her favorite) to convince her to put her head in the right spot. So, crazy and weird, but it works! I'm going to keep doing it so that she stays in position until she drops, but I've put some classical music on the ipod to use instead. (Mike is pretty embarassed that his daughter already likes disco and Queen - she really rocks out when they come on the radio!) What can I say...she's her mama's girl. Not much else to report right now - at this point its just a waiting game to see when her birthday is going to be. We have about 28 days until her actual due date, so its still pretty early, but we're completely packed for the hospital, have the carseat installed, and ready for any surprises. I'll let you know how it goes!


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