Monday, November 06, 2006

The baby shower!!

Well, yesterday was the baby shower, and it was GREAT! We got a cribload of gifts, as seen here:
The ice cream cake was delicious, even if it was just one big congratulation from everyone:And looking at my camera today, I find that I have about 100 pictures very similar to these two:Mike's mom made that blanket!

Its the nesting baskets! With a ribbiting frog and a pink duck inside them!

But, after watching me open all the presents and hearing everyone ooh and aah over them, even Kelley's daughter Keira was bored:

But all in all we had a really great time. The food was excellent, the friends were hysterical as usual, and the gifts were a great perk! We got almost everything on the cloth diaper registry, plus some surprise Fuzzibunz from Todd and Holly! Those will be our fancy 'go to town' diapers. (Or the ones we use when our friends babysit!) They are all a bit skeptical about the cloth diapering idea, I think. We got a bunch of stuff from the Target registry too, as well as very lovely items that I didn't even think to register for! The nursery furniture came in yesterday too, so Mike and I spent the morning putting it all together - let me tell you, it was like an episode of I Love Lucy! He decided to put the crib together in the living room where we had more room to work, and we got it all together with very few mishaps. Then we went to carry it into the baby's room, only to find that DUH it won't fit through the door. So now we're well practiced in taking it apart and putting it back together, should the need ever arise. But after that, we got the changing table put together and in place, so I've been spending most of the day unpacking gifts and baby clothes and cloth diapers and getting everything all set up neatly and organized. Of course I know that won't last after the baby's born - I completely foresee living out of laundry baskets within 3 weeks. As soon as I finish getting everything completely neat and tidy, I'll take a few pictures or a video of her room so you can see how girly it is. If you would like to see ALL the baby shower pictures, go to my Flickr Site!


Holly said...

Looks like a great shower! I hope you like the Fuzzibunz - my girlfriends who CD love those. When I saw that you were going to CD, I thought you would like a couple. We sent the red just for Texas Tech - I didn't know she was a girl at that point. I know lots of people who CD and love it.

Can't wait to see pictures of your nursery!

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