Thursday, November 16, 2006

8 weeks and counting...

Well, our 32 week checkup was yesterday, and everything still looks fine! Blood pressure is still great, weight gain is still normal, baby is still active and making her presence known 24/7 - you can see my belly moving from across the room when she really gets going! My fundal height has increased to 35 centimeters though, which means that now I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead instead of 2. I talked to the doctor about it, and he said it is probably nothing to worry about. We're scheduled for a quick ultrasound at the next appointment (November 27th), and he'll be able to tell if the baby is big or if it's just me :) Hopefully we'll be able to get 100% confirmation that it's a girl, too - I could only get him to commit to 80% certainty at the last ultrasound. And I've only got 8 more weeks to swap all the pink stuff out for blue if I need to!

I still haven't completely finished the nursery, but I did take a few pictures for your viewing pleasure:
Our dear friend Mike Mason in Albuquerque sent us the Papasan Swing! Thank you Mason!

Uncle Rick and Uncle Mark sent Eeyore and Tigger to keep watch over the crib until the baby gets here!

Our baby will obviously not lack visual stimulation! Notice also the very cool video camera mounted above the crib - I'll be able to see AND hear her! (Don't worry, I will hide the cord better than that - and I know the stuffed animals can't stay in there!)

Here's the changing table - note how organized it appears right now. I know it won't last!

And finally, dig the rocking chair and ottoman I got for a cool 30 bucks at a yard sale across the street from our house! Cheap AND convenient - awesome!

Okay, enough pictures for now - maybe when Mike gets home from work in the morning I can convince him to take some pictures of me for you.


leona said...

hello to the ringers; sure have enjoyed this way of sharing some of your family happings. thank you both . I am not up on this blog thing , sure hope you will help me along. if this message dosen't work , please send me your reaglar e-mail add.
I have been trying to figer how to send you a comment
all this time and I am thinking hard and even pushing your little one to turn around. that is all for now . let me know if your recive this . after all , I am all of 75yr. everthig is a bit foggy by now . ha!!
love to all the ringers in the big desert. aunt leona

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