Monday, June 09, 2008


So I've been lurking on this blog for a while now, and this chick kicks all kinds of butt! She lost 192 lbs all by herself without crazy crash diets or surgery and her blog is pretty entertaining AND inspirational. She wrote a book, and now she's having a contest to help get the word out about it. I can tell you she inspired me to make some changes around here - and so far I'm down 8 pounds! So anyway, check out this video and then go buy the book! :) More pictures of our little monkey to come soon - we've been spending all of our time in the pool or riding bikes so we haven't really had many photo ops lately!


Dolores said...

Hey, Call Kelley when you get a chance. I finally had the time today to sit down and go through the entire blog site. It made me miss you guys even more!!! She is growing up too fast and I don't get to watch her do it in person anymore!!!
But MN is being pretty good to me and the weather bounces from 75 to 40 on a day to day bases. Actually on an hour to hour bases sometimes. Doesn't make me miss the sun (constantly) at all. We have had several weeks with rain on and off and the locals say this weather is supposed to come in April or May. I think the long winter has delayed the seasons - wonder what this winter will bring???
Anyway, thought I'd jot something down really quick. Hope to hear some good news from you soon. Tell Mike we wish him a great Father's Day. Going to Alabama June 27th and will be back the second week of July. Looking forward to being there not the trip - taking the trailer to bring back the 1500lb. safe and assorted furniture items.
Call Kelley soon!!! (No one sick or hurt but we need to know your answer soon.)
Miss you lots. Take care.

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