Wednesday, June 25, 2008

She's stolen more than our hearts...

Well, I debated telling this story here, for fear of tarnishing Aurora's spotless reputation, but in the end I decided that I needed to have it on record as a starting point for her eventual life of crime. My little girl is a thief! We went to the park this morning to play with some friends, and on the way home we stopped at Toys R Us to buy a picnic table for a little get together on Saturday. While we were at the most amazing store she has ever seen, Aurora notices a beautiful baby on the shelf - clearly in need of her affection. So I give her the baby to carry around the store until we check out. In the checkout line, I put the baby on the counter so we can leave with our picnic table in tow. Not until we get to the truck do I realize that we have a stowaway! Yep, she snatched her and carried her right out the door without me even noticing. So I had to do the walk of shame back into the store and admit that I am raising a little criminal. I whip out my credit card for the second time, because surely this little doll won't be too expensive, right? NO. Of course MY daughter has only the finest taste! This doll was TWENTY DOLLARS. Apparently it's all natural and handmade by Tibetan monks out of endangered butterfly wings or something. I hope she likes it - and so far it seems she does. She hasn't let go of it since we got home - she took it to bed for her nap and laid awake for 2 hours just singing to it. Which was cute and all, but I still would have preferred a nap.

Here she is discovering that sadly, the baby has no bellybutton.

And don't worry, I didn't take her out in public dressed like that - she was wearing cute little jean capris from her aunt Lora, but I put her PJ pants back on her for her nap.

Bonus squalor photo! I was in the process of rearranging our office/her playroom, and she just plopped herself right in the middle of all of it and started her Pooh tape. The girl has priorities!


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