Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I think I need to come up with some new material for this blog... Aurora turned 17 months old yesterday and my day is literally filled with chasing her, being chased by her, and looking all over the house for her latest hiding places. We like to spice things up by going to playdates and movies and swimming in the pool, but those aren't really good venues for photographs. (Or, I just forget the camera too often) I will make a conscientious effort to be more diligent in posting in the future , but for now here's all I have for ya - please excuse the bedhead, I promise her hair looked really cute before her nap!


Found Ya!!

Oh we did have a bit of a traumatic experience yesterday - I was busy ironing uniforms or folding diapers or scrubbing the bathtub or something important like that, and she was chasing Pepper all over the house and having a grand old time. Suddenly, I notice that the house is dangerously quiet so I know something is afoot. I go hunting and find her just as all heck breaks loose - she had crawled into the kennel with Pepper and was trying to kiss her while Pepper was cornered and trying to get away. Pepper finally snapped and bit her on the lip. She did draw a little bit of blood and scared Aurora and me to death, but luckily no lasting harm was done. I definitely learned my lesson though- it could have been a LOT worse!


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