Saturday, April 05, 2008

She did it!!!!!

She finally did it!! For the first time ever, she slept the ENTIRE night through - 8:10pm till 7am - without waking up once! Of course, we only had to spend 7 hours at the fair with Jacob to get her tired enough to crash like that... But I'll take it! We had such a great time there... we got to go to a petting zoo, ride rides, watch a sea lion show, and eat all kinds of fair food, and the fairgrounds are right next to the Marine Corps Air Station so we could watch all the awesome jets and helicopters landing and taking off all day. We had a great view from the top of the ferris wheel, and Aurora loved it!

Checking out the festivities
Look! A baby yak!
Riding the Ferris Wheel
Riding the carousel
Two tuckered toddlers


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