Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Now what??

Well, the Dallas trip, Easter, and Aunt Monya have all come and gone, and Mike is in Kansas for six weeks. How on earth am I going to keep this kid entertained now?? As soon as we dropped Aunt Monya off at the airport, we hightailed it to the YMCA and signed up so she can at least play with the big kids for a little while each day, and we're going to the Fair on Friday.. other than that I guess we're going to take a lot of trips to Wal Mart, the grocery store and the park!

Aunt Monya was her favorite toy!
But swinging is awesome too...
Cruising the playground
Checking out the flowers in the backyard


Anonymous said...

OMG I miss her already. You all need to move closer! I love you all! aunt Monya

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