Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bored bored bored..

Well, here we are in the dead of summer - with the unrelenting sun, desiccating wind and scorching desert heat of Yuma - so there is little to do during the day. Playdates are few and far between, and the summer movie camp ends this week. We can swim in our pool, but only during the early morning or late evening hours so as to avoid bursting into flame. So, with endless hours of free time and no outdoor options, what's a girl to do with her day?

Answer: Sock Monkey Rodeos.

In all seriousness, we are leaving in one week for two weeks in beautiful San Diego, and I am currently trying to plan our itinerary. We want to hit the beaches and do a lot of shopping and eating, obviously, but I can't decide between Sea World, the Zoo, or the Wild Animal Park. We definitely want to do at least two of these three options, and possibly all three - Mike and I have been to the Zoo before and really enjoyed it, but we haven't been to the other two places yet. I'm trying to decide which would be most adaptable to visiting with a toddler - any suggestions? We'll be staying here which is near Sea Port Village, so we can walk around and shop - Any other ideas for killing time in SD during the day?


Holly said...

Wow, Monya - I have no advice. It's so hot here, too - 104 today. It sucks the life out of us. Enjoy your vacation. We are biding our time until fall. :)

amber :) said...

A two week vacation -- niiiiiiice! I went to the Zoo once with Choir. All the animals were either sleeping or peeing. But we also went on this boat tour of the area that was really nice, but I don't remember what it was called. We also saw Forever Plaid (dinner theater) that was pretty fun... I know, take your sister to watch the baby and then you won't have to worry about it!! ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

You are probably gone by now. But I would suggest Sea World and the Wild Animal Park. Paul and I were supposed to go back to see the Park but never got around to it. I have been to all three in previous years and if you can make it to all three I think she will enjoy it. D.

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