Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Since we last met, Aurora passed the 18 month milestone - and I think the terrible two's are coming early to our family. She's discovered and perfected the fine and useful skill of whining - she hasn't quite gotten the hang of the tantrum yet, but I know she will. Today the entire gym was treated to her screaming MAMA MAMA MAMA MAMA at the top of her lungs in the playroom and pushing the teacher, so we're going to have to work on that. Is Prozac approved for use in toddlers yet? (JUST KIDDING)

Oh - and I had a milestone of my own -
Here are some of the presents I received for my birthday this year (24, thanks for asking!)

The theme this year was "Monya's a Dork", apparently - but who cares! I got exactly what I wanted and I love it all! (Especially that cute li'l iPod Nano up there) . You should all be thanking me for not including a recording of my family singing Happy Birthday to my answering machine...


Holly said...

Happy Birthday, Monya!

Amber said...

You KNOW you loved our song!!! Those look like GREAT gifts; I don't think you're a nerd at all!

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