Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We're here!

Did ya miss me??

So its been a while since my last post! I haven't been taking quite as many pictures these days, mainly because she won't sit still long enough to be captured on film! But we're still having a good old time.. she's not quite walking but she can stand on her own for almost a full minute. As long as she isn't thinking about it, that is - as soon as she realizes what she's doing, PLOP to the floor she goes! And she's introducing us to the joy of teething + separation anxiety...I must say that whining is not her most endearing trait. But, this too shall pass, I'm sure! Here are a couple pictures I've taken over the past week or so:

Beating dad with a stick:
"I said I wanted a PONY!!!"

Having vanquished Dad and Chance, now she's coming for me:
No paparazzi!

Talking on the phone in a bubble bath:
"It's for you!"

More photos here!


Anonymous said...

she is just too cute!
Aunt Monya

Anonymous said...

Looks like DAD is trying to get her to start during the yard work!
Glad to see she has a little play mate and just like a boy, he thinks he will climb out the window. Are you using a Mother's day out program yet? Might help with the seperate troubles and she would get more inter action with other kids. Yes, I know she might catch something, but she will someday. She's done great so far.
Sure wish we were closer then just slide shows.
Grandma R.

Anonymous said...

Wow just look at those teeth! It all starts happening fast now. Glad to see new pics of her for our anniversary!! Pefect present. Be even better if you were in some too, but I know, someone has to work the camera. Don't worry about seperation anxieties. They happen about this age and again in 9-12 months from now. It's part of the growing. Could be worse, she could be 19, living with her sister and crying to come home!!! Love you all, mom

Holly said...

funny! love the pony comment.

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