Wednesday, October 17, 2007

9 Months today!

Our little monkey is nine months old today! It's amazing how fast time flies... and amazing how much she's learned to do in just nine months! Yesterday we were sitting in the backyard, and she just stood up! I mean, she got up from a sitting position with no help and no 'props' to pull up or lean on - and she stood there for a little while before she sat back down. That's pretty amazing! She's gotten to be so much fun to play with, too.. she likes to hide behind the couch or the coffee table and pop out to play peekaboo, and she loves to jump and sing the 5 Little Monkeys song. And she has such a great sense of humor - she's developing her own personality and it's pretty cool. We've also discovered something else she really likes to do - too bad the park is a 40 minute drive away so we can't go every day!


Anonymous said...

Monya & Mike, You've got to get a swing for the porch or yard. Daria loved to swing and we all spent many hours sitting and swinging, talking and singing. Aren't they just amazing!


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