Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yes Ma'am!

In response to Cathy's last comment, I decided to do something about the lack of new material around here. So, after a diaper change that necessitated not only a full removal of her clothing, but also a hazmat suit and a gas mask for me, I set to work getting new footage of our little rugrat. The following pictures tell the tale of why said footage has been so lacking lately -

Every time I tried to get her to sit still so I could take a picture, she would chase me down and try to put the camera in her mouth. Finally I had to stand over her and get a Godzilla-eye view of her:She's quite the little character - her 7 month birthday is coming up Friday, so I'll have more to post then!


Anonymous said...

VERRRY CUTE! I love the commentary going on with each slide. However, it appears to me that maybe she was doing some standing while playing with the camera. Bad girl!! JK Give her kisses and hugs from us (you can have some too). Miss ya, can't wait to see you again. Love, mom

aunt amber said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOL!! your subtitles are excellent! love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

I like this Cathy girl because she keeps you motivated. All except that part about biting Aurora. Not sure about that! Those pics make you want to reach out and just grab her. Keep up the postings. Love you - Aunt Monya

Anonymous said...

Look at those two big front teeth. Is she still being a good girl and not biting you?

How much does she weight now? Is she walking most of the time, or just crawl and stand?

Miss all of you and wish you would add sound to the viedo's. Her's and yours.
Take care
Grandma E.

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