Sunday, August 19, 2007

The secret..

So Cathy has discovered the secret to keeping me motivated on this blog:

New clothes! Her son Jacob took Aurora out for a lunch date at Olive Garden the other day, and she surprised us with this cute new dress! It's a bit big on her, and when she tries to crawl she gets all tangled up and angry with it, but I think it's cute and she got complimented on it at the grocery store today!

Oh, she has a couple new foods to add to her repertoire - stinky feta cheese, toasted whole wheat bagel, and her new favorite - peaches! She squished a peach slice in her fist, took a few bites, and then spent about 15 minutes slurping every bit of peach juice off her fingers, wrist, and arm - so I made sure to slice up a couple of the very ripe ones and put them in the freezer for her teething enjoyment later on.

PS to Mom - trying to keep her from standing up is like trying to keep the sun from shining or the dog from shedding....its just not possible!

PPS to Grandma Eileen - I would say she weighs about 21 lbs now, and she does walk along the furniture but she crawls to get wherever she wants to go. I'll try and get some more videos with sound up soon!


Anonymous said...

She's such sweet girl. I can't believe how fast she's grown. She is so inquisitive,and you can just see her thinking in the pictures. Enjoy this time with her. All our love,

Doreen, Ali Daria and Eric

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