Tuesday, February 13, 2007

She's full of......surprises!

So I gave her a nice long bath, wrapped her in a towel and thought she looked so cute I should take some more pictures. So I fluffed up the towel and put her in her bouncy seat and grabbed the camera. In the middle of our photo shoot, my darling little delicate angel decided to poop - loudly and dramatically - all inside the towel. It pretty much went all over her back, legs, feet, everywhere. You would think that her mother would be smart enough to put a diaper on her before grabbing the camera, but no, I am not. Luckily, I hadn't emptied the bathtub yet so I just swooped her up and dunked her back in. But you can tell she thought it was pretty funny - here she is after her masterpiece:

Yay! Poop!

There are more post-bath pics on my flickr site, and we're going to the studio on Friday for real live professional family pictures too!


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