Thursday, February 01, 2007

Doctor Doctor, gimme the news...

We had our 2 week checkup today, and I am proud to say that even after losing 15 oz. in her first 5 days of life, our little girl has now surpassed her birth weight and weighs a whopping 10 lbs 3 0z! Now she weighs as much as Pepper!

10 lbs, 3 oz

10 lbs, 3 oz

The doctor says she is doing just fine, and she was so quiet and alert for the whole appointment - I was very proud of her :) So far she's doing really well at home, too - she sleeps for good long segments of the night, and really only cries when she's hungry (knock on wood!) She smiles a LOT, and even though the books all say its just gas, I think she's smiling at us some too. She especially gets smiley after a full belly as she's drifting off to sleep - sometimes she laughs in her sleep too, which is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! Of course I never have the camera when I really need it. I have added a bunch of pictures to my flickr site, but here's a couple of the good ones.
Sleeping Beauty!

Awake in her bassinette

Hanging out with dad on the back porch

Looks like she might have her daddy's neck!


amber said...

hahahaha...sleeping beauty...I get it! she is beautiful though!!

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