Monday, January 22, 2007

Who wants to see more pictures? You do!

Wow - is it tomorrow already? Sorry for the delay in posting - somehow I just never could find the time to tear myself away from our newest family member! But right now she's sleeping so I figured I would post a quick note and some new pictures.

Here she is, alert and calm after her first bath!
Here is one of many pictures of baby and daddy crashed on the couch together. Notice the magazine on Mike's head - silly daddy, no time for reading!
Aurora is doing just fine...she had her first appointment with the pediatrician today and he says she's still a keeper. It looks like she inherited her mom's sensitive skin though - she's got a little bit of irritation near her bellybutton from where we used an alcohol pad to clean her cord.

Daddy with both his babies - sleeping peacefully together
Here's Mike, singing 50's music and dancing with Aurora after her bath -
Since many of you have expressed curiosity about our little girl's name, I figured I would explain it here! The name 'Aurora Jane' did not come from any family names that I know of - I just thought of it one day and I really like the way it sounds. 'Aurora' is the Latin word for dawn, and is also the name of the ancient Roman goddess of dawn. 'Jane' is a Hebrew name meaning "God is gracious"- and who could doubt that when they look at her? (Okay, so I'm biased!) Luckily, Mike had no objections to her name - although he says he gets to name our future son "Augustus Septimius". We might have to discuss that one!
PS Daria - I like the nickname Rory too! :)


Cathy D said...

Monya, I love her! She is adorable. I can't wait to see her in person again. Call me.


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful like her mom. I think she should be named Monya because I am partial to it. Where are the pics of mom & daughter? love ya Aunt Monya

amber said...

MONYA!!!! I get dibs on her when you and Mike want an adult-only vacation, okay? Okay! Great to see we have that settled! LOVE YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Hope this notes posts this time.

What a beautiful baby girl and the pictures are all lovely to view. Just wish I was closer and could hold her.
Grandma Eileen

Vanna said...

Good post.

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