Sunday, January 07, 2007

Waiting Game

No baby yet! But she's been a lot more wiggly these past couple of days.. I think she knows its almost time to come out. I've been cleaning and doing random little jobs around the house, trying to stay on my feet and walk around inside as much as possible since its so windy and cold outside. And Mike has been off work the past 3 days, so he finally finished the bathroom!! Well, the grout still needs to cure for 21 days and then he can seal it, but as far as I'm concerned its done! It looks really great in there - he did an awesome job. And I realized I never put any final pictures of the nursery up here - so I decided to go ahead and take some. Here you go! As always, click on any image to see it larger.

Standing in the doorway:

Turn to your right inside the door to see her closet - cleanest it will ever be!

Here's her changing table:

And the $30 rocking chair - I had to cover it but it's comfortable!

Another view of the corner:


Holly said...

That looks beautiful, Monya. You're going to be so glad you have that bed in there - I wish we had had one. Love the decorations over the changing table.

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