Sunday, December 14, 2008


So's been a month since I last posted... I blame holiday stress! (Even though it's been a pretty low key year so far). I also blame pregnancy brain and the desire to use Aurora's naptimes for more productive activities than blogging. (like napping!) Nevertheless, here I am with some random pictures from the past month. Feast your eyes!

We went to the Balloon glow - we had a great time with our friends and the kids loved watching all the hot air balloons lighting up with the music.

From 23rd Month

Here is her friend Noah - how can you resist that face??
From 23rd Month

Wearing Christmas pajamas and playing drums with Brianna
From 23rd Month
Wearing a beautiful dress from Aunt Lora (black leggings and pink crocs Aurora's idea) (Not pictured: Daddy wearing shorts and a t-shirt)
From 23rd Month
Close up of hat I quickly crocheted to match her new sweater from Aunt Lora (not shown)
From 23rd Month


Holly said...

Very nice pictures! I didn't know that you crochet. That hat is darling. I've been making dishrags lately - I'm going to stick them in with relative gifts. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a handmade dishrag! My friend told me to call them "fiber arts" - fancies it up a bit, don't you think?

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