Saturday, March 08, 2008

Leavin' on a jet plane 2.0

Well, we're all packed up and ready to head to Dallas - of course, we have to get up at 3am tomorrow to head to Phoenix for our flight, but it's cool! We'll be kicking it DFW-style for 2 weeks, so blogging will probably take a back seat till we get home. That said, I would never leave you without at least a couple pictures to tide you over!

Stop and smell the hibiscus...
Check out these weeds wildflowers growing off our back porch!
This picture cracks me up, because it appears that Jacob vanquished his rival and was victorious in the battle for the pink chair...when in reality, Aurora was just laying on the floor kicking the chair and he came along and sat down in it - guess he wanted a back massage!

Anyway, hope everyone has a good couple of weeks - we'll be back with a bunch more pictures and stories to tell soon!


Cortni said...

Hey...if you are in Dallas, give me a call!! 214-815-0020

Anonymous said...

Come home!!! We miss you.

Cathy and Jacob

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