Monday, November 19, 2007


So my darling aunt sent me a very demanding email requesting more pictures, so I must comply! Unfortunately, things haven't been terribly photogenic around here this past week. I got a couple, but she's had a runny nose the past couple of days that just doesn't inspire me to bust out the camera and commemorate it. We even went to the photographer today to try and get some Christmas pictures made, and it was a total bust - between her drippy nose and terrible attitude, we couldn't get even one decent picture. So, we'll try again next week! Not only all that, but I also let her ten month birthday pass without so much as a word here! I am so negligent. Here are the few pics I've gotten lately:

JoAnn's baby shower
Daddy's hiding
Daddy attacks!


Anonymous said...

good job sweetie! can't wait to see you all in person! love you bunches - Aunt Monya

Anonymous said...

Now how did I know my sister was your darling aunt demanding more pictures?

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