Tuesday, September 18, 2007

8 Months

I didn't post yesterday, but the little monkey is now 8 months old!! To celebrate, I put her down in the living room to play with her toys and went to the garage to get another pack of Diet Cokes for the fridge. I came back in the house, only to find that she was nowhere in sight! Of course, I freak out slightly and start checking all the usual hiding places - under my nightstand, in the bathroom, on the bottom shelf of the changing table - no baby! So I go back to the laundry room, and lo and behold, there she is!What?!

In other news, this blogging stuff is really paying off! First I won a t-shirt for me and Aurora, and now I've won these!! And the weather is finally cooling down here, so now I have no excuse not to get out and start pounding the pavement.

Too cool :)


Anonymous said...

Amazing how fast they can get around. Wonder if she had any doggie treats for snack? They love to explore. That's why it's so exciting and scary to try to keep up with them. Cool shoes! Glad to hear it's cooling off so you'all can go explore the world. As for Bill Maher, he probably wasn't breastfeed and he didn't develop emotionally or mentally because of it. Doreen

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