Monday, June 04, 2007


Good Nights' Sleep
The bandit gang Toss, Turn & Flail has taken over our sleepy town!
It's been over a month since Good Nights' Sleep has been seen round these parts.
Sheriff believes the ringleader is the notorious GAS,
but so far the crime spree continues unabated.

If you have any information as to the whereabouts of our beloved Good Nights' Sleep,
you are urged to contact authorities immediately!

WARNING: Extended cry for help ahead! Proceed at your own risk!

In all seriousness, I am about to LOSE MY MIND if I don't get her to sleep somehow. Right now its 4:30 in the morning and she is babbling in her bedroom after tossing and turning and nursing ALL night long. I really want to transition her into her crib but so far its not working.

Here's our typical night:
7:00pm Bath, Massage, Jammies, turn on "Rainy Ocean Waves" white noise
7:30pm Two books, 0.3mg Mylicon, nurse to sleep
8:00pm Place in crib
8:30pm Cry, Nurse some more, return to crib
9:00pm Cry,Nurse some more, return to crib
9:30 - 11:30pm Sleep quietly in crib
11:30pm Cry, come to bed with exhausted mom
11:30pm - 7:00am Toss, turn, kick, punch, pinch and nurse in bed with exhausted mom

Of course, she wakes in the morning just as happy and bright eyed as can be - but do you see any time in that schedule where MOM sleeps peacefully?? I do get that blissful 2 hours between 9:30 and 11:30, but that 2 hours just isn't enough to sustain me. And of course she won't nap during the day longer than 20 minutes unless I nap with her - and even then we get an hour and a half, max. Now, I am fully aware that part of the problem is that I have gotten her into the habit of nursing to sleep and sleeping with me, so I need to teach her how to fall asleep without me and stay in her crib. I am working on that - I've read Weissbluth, Sears, Pantley & Hogg, and I totally get what they are all saying, but I am just SO FREAKING TIRED that I can't implement any of their solutions and be consistent with them. So I know I need to work on that - but I think right now I could get a bit more sleep if I could just figure out how to cure her gas. I give her Mylicon before bed, and I burp her every time she eats, and I massage her, but she still has massive farts when she wakes up in the morning. So all that gas is floating around in her tummy all night long, making her pretty uncomfortable, I'm sure. She's strictly breastfed, and hasn't shown any sensitivities during the day to the things I eat - no gas during the day, just first thing in the morning. I thought she might be getting all her calories at night, so I've made a conscious effort to feed her every 3 hours or so during the day - and I tried rice cereal a couple of nights but that just gave me an extra dirty diaper to change in the middle of the night. Anyway, enough rambling for now - to sum up, I know intellectually what I need to do in the long run to get her to sleep all night in her crib, but what can I do immediately to get the sleep I need to be able to deal with making those changes? And if it is gas, what are some tried and true tricks that work? I'm seriously looking for any advice moms out there can give me - the only thing I won't do is let her cry it out, so let me know if you can help.

Homemade Chai Snickerdoodles to the person with the best advice!


Anonymous said...

OMG she looks like an angel! I have no short term solutions except bring her to my house and you sleep all you want. Better bring some pumped milk cause I can't help her out there! love you
Aunt Monya

Anonymous said...

So, so, SO cute! I love her. Just remember, this too will pass. :)


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