Sunday, July 02, 2006

I didn't fall off the planet...

Not much news to report around here - almost 13 weeks along now and starting to show a little bit.. Spending every free minute in the pool (It's 115 degrees here!)

Okay, one bit of news - I quit my job! Yay!! We decided that we are going to do some traveling this summer, and I'm going to school full time in the fall. My last day was Friday so now I'm just barefoot and pregnant at home :) I spend my days eating bon bons and watching Oprah...... yeah right! I've been cleaning like a fiend & trying to get the baby's room organized and get rid of some of the junk in the garage. Speaking of the baby's room - we got our first baby present on Friday! It was a going away present from a friend of mine at work, and it was two adorable little onesies, a cute blanket with ducks on it, and these little socks with stuffed animal head rattles on them - of course all in yellow/green colors, but thats okay :)

Anyway, time to start a new load of laundry - talk to y'all later!

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