Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bad blogmom

Okay, I know I've been remiss in posting for the past few days! Right now Aurora's sitting on the desk in her Bumbo, grabbing at my pencils and giggling while she creates a little diaper art. I only have a few minutes before she starts clamoring for a fresh canvas, so I figured I would stick up a few of today's pictures for Cathy and Aunt Monya - my daily 'encouragement'!
She's getting better and better at tummy time.. she can hold herself completely up with her arms, and she can pivot in a circle on her belly when she wants to. She also likes to hold her arms and legs off the ground like she's flying on her belly - it's pretty cute!


Anonymous said...

Your not a bad blogmom! your the greatest. She is the cutest baby on the planet cause she looks like you (and me!)
Sure hope I can figure out how to see her sometime!
Love you
Aunt Monya

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I was waiting for more pictures..... I'm also waiting for you to call me... hint, hint, wink, wink....


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